Fineoz AI Product

Fineoz introduces innovative AI solutions to fulfill the needs of financial credit processes from credit verification, assessment, decision making and monitoring.


AI-based Credit Checking to Validate Identity, Transparency and Responsibility of Borrowers

Our Credit Risk Solutions

AiScore is an AI-based Credit Scoring to Assess Credit Risk of Borrowers


Varieties of AiScores

  • Generic Scoring

    Scoring individually regardless the loan facilities for personal and small medium enterprise

  • Facility Scoring

    Scoring for each individual loan facilities for personal and small medium enterprise, such as: Working Capital Loan, Motorcycle Loan, Payday Loan, Home Appliance loan

  • Existing Borrowers scoring

    Scoring existing or recurring borrowers with credit history, called bank borrowers

  • New Borrowers Scoring

    Scoring new borrowers without credit history, called unbanked borrowers

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